Couples / Families

“We build the partnerships and families of our dreams one hour at a time, one day at a time, by doing the kind things, the loving things, the things that feel meaningful, the things that give and express gratitude and appreciation”  -Dr. John Gottman

Rachelle supports couples to understand and recognise each other’s emotional needs, how to communicate these and how to support each other with meeting them. An integral component of this is learning each other’s core sensitivities that originate from each of your own upbringings and past experiences and how these operate within both your couple and parenting relationships. This work helps couples to increase emotional intimacy and connection in their relationship, communicate openly and honestly, repair after a rupture and parent more effectively and with greater satisfaction.

Rachelle has a special interest in supporting couples in the transition to becoming parents together as well as overcoming challenges that parenting can bring along the way. Having a baby can bring immeasurable joy and can also have a great impact on the relationship between the parents. Going from being a couple to being parents can be difficult to navigate. 67% of parents report a decline in relationship satisfaction after having a child (Gottman, Journal of Family Psychology). After your baby is born it can be hard to find time for yourself and each other, you may have different ideas about how to raise your children, financial pressure, sleep deprivation, changes to your social life, sex life, identity, career. These issues can lead to resentment, emotional exhaustion, conflict, loss of intimacy and feeling disconnected. Rachelle offers a safe and supportive space to explore the struggles couples are facing and to find ways of improving connection and nurturing their relationship.